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Why Poquoson?

Poquoson is the oldest continuously named city in Virginia. The Native American term "poquoson" was used to describe a boundary line between two elevated tracts of land. Such a boundary contained a stream, river, or creek with its adjoining marsh which lay between two tracts of higher ground.  The first mention of Poquoson was in the Captain Christopher Calthrope land grant issued by a court in Elizabeth City on April 26, 1631. Three years later, the Poquoson Parish was named as a beneficiary in the will of Benjamin Symms for "a free school to educate and teach the children of Elizabeth City and Poquoson." This New Poquoson Parish originally included the areas known today as Poquoson, Tabb, Grafton, Dare, and Seaford.

Poquoson is the place


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It was the water that brought the first settlers to Poquoson, and continues to attract new residents today who love to live near and play in the water.

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The city is in close proximity to major employment sites including military bases, NASA, and Newport News Shipbuilding (Huntington Ingalls Shipyard).



School System
The Poquoson School System has consistently ranked among the best in the state.

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Poquoson has a very low crime rate. We were named one of the safest cities in the U.S., and the lack of serious crime is a testament to the sound values of Poquoson residents and the vigilance of the Poquoson Police Department.

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Poquoson boasts a small-town atmosphere with compatible neighbors who have a common interest in the well being of the city and their families. In addition, 84% of Poquoson residents own their own home.

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  • 92% at or above proficient for reading

  • 81% at or above proficient for math


  • 87% at or above proficient for reading

  • 79% at or above proficient for math



  • 93% at or above proficient for reading

  • 67% at or above proficient for math

Poquoson City Public Schools was ranked higher than 81% of public schools in America and is one of the very best in Virginia. Poquoson is passionate about achievement and academic responsibility, with award-winning schools, teachers, students, musicians and state-champion athletes. With four schools, just over 2,000 students and an average 15:1 teacher/student ratio, our school system is just the right size for success.

Poquoson is the place


From blueways to sports leagues, Poquoson has ample recreation options! As a community, we enjoy well-equipped parks and facilities for all ages. We also boast a beautiful library and easy access to City Hall and its leadership. We also put on excellent events—our annual Christmas Parade is charming, and our famous Poquoson Seafood Festival attracts thousands every year.

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Poquoson is the place


What better place for business than a cozy city with low crime, high-rated schools and civic-minded citizens? As a quality-of-life jewel in Hampton Roads, Poquoson is well positioned for continued business prosperity.  We're proud to be a business-friendly city, intent on increasing patronage for our existing merchants and supporting sensible economic growth in our retail trade area.

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