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Poquoson is The Place

Welcome to the City of Poquoson
Welcome to this holiday season, and we'd love to have you stay all year long
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... And You're Invited .....An enviable combination of low crime rates, outstanding schools, civic-minded citizenry, a variety of recreational opportunities, and conveniently located shopping areas, firmly position Poquoson, as a quality-of-life jewel in Hampton Roads.  In recognition of these attributes Poquoson was included by CNBC on its U.S. list of “10 Perfect Suburbs”. In 2023 Poquoson was recognized as #6 among Safest & Most Peaceful Places to Live in Virginia by, and the Population Health Institute acknowledged Poquoson as the 8th Healthiest locality of Virginia’s 133 counties and cities in 2023.


Poquoson’s business corridor is home to a variety of shopping and dining opportunities framed in a relaxed, unhurried setting, making it a perfect day trip for visitors. In fact, Poquoson’s natural market area includes nearly 40,000 people, and many of these patrons utilize the City’s library, DMV, and service/commercial area for its time-saving convenience and quality of offerings. In the Spring of 2023, the City is pleased to welcome two (2) new dining establishments to Poquoson, 1631 and Schooners.  Both are drawing great interest and enthusiasm from the community and their presence in Poquoson further augments the City’s existing variety of dining options.

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Poquoson boasts 87 miles of shoreline and its coastal areas are home to abundant wildlife and beautiful marshes. These inviting and navigable blueways serve as popular trails for both kayakers and paddle boarders. The City’s free public boat ramps provide quick, convenient access to the Chesapeake Bay. Poquoson is also home to year-round boat slip rental opportunities, outstanding marinas, and its popularity as a coastal home is heightened further by the fact it is a tax-free boating community. 


The City’s public school system routinely ranks as one of the finest in the state of Virginia. A number of Poquoson students, clubs, and athletic teams compete with much success in State and National competitions annually.


 Poquoson’s attractiveness for residents, visitors and businesses alike is heightened further with its convenient proximity to the Hampton Roads transportation corridor. Both I-64 and the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport are typically within 15 minutes travel time.

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City of Poquoson Office of Economic Development

830 Poquoson Avenue,

Poquoson Virginia 23662



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